It’s no secret that my health has been a mess. Immune disorders, unexplained seizures, a rare blood disease, anxiety, massive food allergies, PCOS, Fibromyalgia, herniated discs… Should I go on?  I wanted to do so much, but I felt paralyzed by my illnesses. Yet I knew that I didn’t want to be defined or succumb to my sickness. I was so frustrated. So many things that I wanted to do but I couldn’t even get out of bed.

I knew I needed to change my lifestyle. My first battle was with food that wasn’t good for me. Real food straight from the earth. No more processed food.

Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

I also knew that I needed to get active, reduce stress and start living the life that I imagined. It was then when I started to research natural solutions for managing my pain and unhealthy lifestyle. I have been an avid user and student of herbs for several years. I had tried essential oils before but didn’t use them because I found they didn’t work. I was just disappointed in their effectiveness.

It wasn’t until a dear friend introduced me to essential oils that my mind was blown. It was a complete reawakening. Now, me and my entire family use essential oils ALL THE TIME. We use them when we are sick, we use them so we don’t get sick, we use them as first aid, we use them to make our own cleaners. We use them to freshen laundry and make our home smell good. We use them to balance our mood and reenergize our spirit.

It is pretty surreal to realize the super potent power that is in each of these little bottles of oil. They have the ability to help your body heal itself. Because that is what is really happening… It wasn’t until I decided that I wanted to make friends with my body and give it the time and attention it deserved – that is when the true healing happened.

I am so thankful that we have essential oils in our life. My kids ask for them daily and my husband is a total essential oil convert. Please let me help your family get the amazing benefits that our family has experienced.


The History of Therapeutic Plant Use

Plants have been providing safe and effective health solutions to families for centuries.

How to Use Essential Oils


Breathe in or use a diffuser to clean the air and affect mood.


Apply to bottoms of feet or affected areas to target specific needs.


Drop in water, under tongue, or into gel capsule to support mouth, throat, digestive and overall health.


Become a Wholesale Member

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Be prepared for anything with essential oils in your medicine cabinet! It’s time to stop spending thousands of dollars each year on healthcare and focus on real results with natural solutions.

As a wholesale member, you’ll enjoy:

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doTERRA is Only Sold Through Distributors Like Me

doTERRA Wellness Advocates enjoy working from home while introducing, educating and selling essential oils. Many Wellness Advocates reach out to their local communities and share all of the benefits with their friends, families, colleagues and neighbors. Some choose to take a global approach and reach out via the web (like me!). One thing is for sure for all of us in the doTERRA family – If you are interested in Natural Solutions, we want to help YOU!

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